JoomaJam Vol. One: Available Now

Imagine children’s music that was intentionally made to be educational AND fun. That’s exactly what JoomaJam is! Our music was developed over the span of almost 5 years with the help of expert educators and talented musicians, all with your child in mind!

To celebrate Buwan ng Wika (Filipino Language Month) this August, we proudly bring you JoomaJam Volume One, the first ever OPM bilingual album for children!

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    13 of the brightest names in Original Pinoy Music joined forces to create these amazing songs specially for children!

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    From Saving Money, Making Friends to Good Food, these songs make space for teachable moments at home or at school in fun and exciting ways!

  • bilingual


    Music makes everything better! These catchy songs in English AND Filipino make language learning easier and more engaging for kids (and even grown-ups!)

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    Tested for Learning & Fun!

    These songs were designed and written for younger ears and have been classroom-tested and teacher-approved!

Inside JoomaJam Volume One

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    The Sun is Out/Andyan Na Ang Araw by Salamin featuring Gary Valenciano

  • piggybankTheDawn

    Piggybank / Alkansya by The Dawn

  • colors-works

    Colors/Mga Kulay by Barbie Almalbis-Honasan and Julianne Tarroja

  • food

    Good, Good Food/Masustansyang Pagkain by JorelPog


    It’s Good to be friends/ Dapat makipagkaibigan by The Itchyworms

  • books

    Reading Books/Magbasa Ng Libro by Rivermaya feat. Jolina Magdangal-Escueta

  • legs

    Jumpin’ Stompin’ Dancin’ / Lundak, Padyak, Indak by Coffeebreak Island

  • hospitals

    Hospital/Ospital – DJ Benjo and Lougee Basabas


    I Can Count To Ten / Kaya Ko Bumilang nang Sampu by Brigada

#JoomaJam = Learning through Creativity and Play

JoomaJam is educational content that combines music, animation and progressive learning models to make education fun and engaging for children in Preschool through Third Grade.  

Because when kids have fun learning, they never stop learning!

Learn About JoomaJam Buy JoomaJam Volume 1

We support quality education for ALL.

We believe the best kind of learning happens when you’re having fun.We also believes quality education is meant for all – which is why it seeks to make JoomaJam accessible to each and every child. For every purchase of JoomaJam, Republikha ensures that the music finds its way to marginalized communities. Music creates bonds, experiences and memories that last, and it is best enjoyed when it is shared.

JoomaJam is music that moves generations, transcends language, cities, and social class. If you believe that quality education should be fun and accessible to all, purchasing JoomaJam is your contribution to a more dynamic and exciting learning experience for EVERYONE.

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